Car for lease and rent


Avis provides long-term and short-term car-rental services with driver for businesses, organizations, and individuals with top-of-the-line professional quality.

With us at Avis, our clients enjoy the following privileges:

  • Expert consultation on suitable vehicle for your travel.
  • New and insured vehicles, with regular maintenance.
  • GPS tracking, and 24/7 vehicle management.
  • Route and schedule oversight by experienced and our professional dispatch department to deal with any unexpected circumstances.
  • 100% vehicles come with disposable towel, drinking water, car perfume, and other utilities upon your request.
  • 100% vehicles equipped with safety procedure: first-aid kit, portable fire-extinguisher, primary and secondary seat belts.
  • Attentive and professional drivers, carefully recruited and trained, efficient in conversational English, with all required driving certification according to international standard.
  • HSE is given special care to ensure safety for passengers.
  • Insurance for vehicle and passengers.
  • Professional service from our Avis International will surely bring comfort and convenience to our dear clients.

Both our long-term and short-term car-rental services with driver are now the number 1 choice for our large client base both local and global.

Our other services include: business travel, in-city travel, air-port send-off and pick-up, short-term car services for our clients and partners, etc.…, Avis commits to providing all our clients with the best professional service possible.

At Avis, we offer suitable service fee inclusive of: driver’s payment, gas fee, maintenance fee, and insurance for vehicle and passengers.

Avis offers a wide variety of mid-range and high-end vehicles from renowned car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, GM Daewoo, Mitsubishi, Ford, etc.… with quick dispatch and efficient management to give you more freedom in your travel schedule and route.

Avis is proudly a long-term trusted partner to various businesses, organization, and individuals both local and global. Our business partners include Adidas, Michenlin, Total, Castrol Bp, etc.…

Avis Vietnam commits to providing all our clients with professional and carefully catered services for your best travel. We are always ready to serve, 24/7.

For consultation and speedy support on our long-term and short-term car-rental service with driver, please contact us directly or via out regional hotlines:

Hanoi:Hotline: 0965.07.2009

Da Nang: Hotline: 0965.55.5969

Ho Chi Minh City:  Hotline: 0964.97.2009



Inherited the professionalism and consistent quality throughout the world, AVIS Vietnam is proud to offer our customers a great choice for self-driving and chauffeur-drive car rental service. Our modern fleet is always in a perfect condition due to regularly maintainance; we guarantee that you customers will be very comfortable with our cars.

Currently,  AVIS Vietnam Fleet is considered extremely powerful and diverse, in particular as follows:

Small Group: Mitsubishi Attrage and other similar vehicles

Medium: Toyota Vios – Toyota Altis and similar vehicles

Large group: Toyota Camry and similar vehicles

Large Luxury Group: Mercedes Benz C – E class and similar vehicles

SUV: Hyundai Tucson – Toyota Fortuner and similar vehicles

People Carrier: Toyota Innova and similar vehicles

Bus groups: Ford Transit – Huyndai Oldx – Huyndai County – Huyndai Universe and similar vehicles

AVIS Vietnam always takes the satisfaction of customers as a guide for our business. You cannot feel disappointed when using AVIS’s car renting services.



Hoping to provide our clients with convenience and ease on each business or pleasure travel via flights, Avis Vietnam proudly introduce our new airport pick-up and send-off service.

Client privileges when using Avis service:

  • Pick-up and send-off on time and on demand. Pick-up and send-off right at custom exit/entrance.
  • Our clients can choose from a wide variety of mid-range to high-end vehicles.
  • At Avis, we understand that time and schedule is the utmost important when travelling via flights, thus our service staff will advise our clients with the most suitable send-off and pick-up time.
  • At each airport, Avis has our own information and client service centers. Our staff there will help guide you through all required procedures.
  • Efficient and timely luggage transport.
  • All services are catered after quality standards at Avis International.
  • Attentive and professional drivers, carefully recruited and trained, especially with fluent conversational English and all driving certification according to international standards.
  • 24/7 service. We are always ready to serve.
  • Simple and convenient rental procedure: you only need to fill in your name, phone number, email, date, time and location of pick-up and send-off. Our service staff will immediately contact and advise you with the most suitable time as well as rental fee for each vehicle for your choosing.

With professionalism, attentiveness, and trust as our cornerstones of services, Avis commits to bringing you the best possible option for your travel both locally and globally.

For more information please contact us at:

Hanoi:Hotline: 0965.072.009

DaNang: Hotline: 096.5555.969

Ho Chi Minh City:  Hotline: 0964.972.009



Driver management is just as crucial a part as any other ina business.With that in mind, Avis is now the national best driver management service provider.

  • We offer overall management service including vehicle maintenance, vehicle oversight, fuel management, and driver oversight to ensure maximum safety for both driver and vehicle, and help minimalize risks in vehicle investment as well as operation.
  • Ensure overall transport cost stays minimal.
  • Effective vehicle oversight with GPS tracking to pinpoint exact time and location of vehicle team in order to create the most suitable transport schedule and route…
  • Our management system will help business management stay on top of issues such as service quality, speeding, overstaying breaks, vehicle maintenance and registry due date…
  • Provide business management with essential vehicle maintenance data as well as cost-effect ratio: total fuel usage, travel distance, oil and water usage…
  • Manage and ensure driver’s safety in unforeseeable circumstances (robbery, vehicle malfunction, accident) with on board emergency alert system.

With 7 year experience with driver management, Avis commits to providing peace of mind to all our clients with our professional and trusted service.

For more information, please contact us at:

Hanoi:Hotline: 0965.072.009

Da Nang: Hotline: 096.5555.969

Ho Chi Minh City:  Hotline: 0964.972.009