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Minerals Export Import Joint Stock Company is a Minerals Import Export Company, a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Trade, now the Ministry of Industry and Trade, was established on March 5, 1956, It is one of the earliest import-export business units in the foreign trade of Vietnam.

Previously, the role of General Corporation do import and export mainly serve the construction and protection of socialist North. At this time the scope and scale of business activities of the company are very large, it can be said that the business items include all areas such as coal, cement, minerals, petroleum, chemicals, fertilizer, steel, medicine, medical equipment …. It is said that this is a period of strong operation in terms of size and function of the largest company prestige and position of the company is constantly improving in the domestic and international market. Annual import-export turnover amounted to USD 800 – 900 million, contributing significantly to the development of Vietnam’s trade sector in particular and the international economy in general. The company has been awarded many labor medals and the flag of emulation by the State and Ministry.

In pursuance to the policy of state-owned enterprises, on November 7, 2005, the Ministry of Trade approved the plan to transform the Minerals Import-Export Company